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Welcome to life under the Big Sky of Montana. Nestled in the Bitterroot Valley, our 300 acre ranch is home to 90 cows and eight bulls. You’ll also find more than 200 acres of ranchland in Stevensville, where our yearlings and two year old bulls reside.

Working with these animals is incredible. Bison are not only strong and resilient, but smart and curious. While an aggravated or anxious bison can be threatening, they are generally gentle and curious creatures. We strive to give them ample space to roam and play, while keeping them safe from predators and human activity. In turn they help to fertilize the ground, provide nutrition to our customers and an economic boost to our local economy.

You can find us at the Missoula Farmer’s Market, or around with our food trailer, where we sell bison burgers and tacos! Our bison are grass fed, humanely raised and never given artificial growth hormones. We love these majestic animals, and take steps to make sure their lives are enjoyable and humane. At Bitterroot Bison Company, we enjoy doing our part to bring bison back to America’s landscape and to the nation’s dinner tables.