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Decorating Your Dream Cabin to Fit Your Style

Decorating Your Dream Cabin to Fit Your Style

Here in the Bitterroot Valley, the state of Montana is commonly referred to as “The Last Best Place”. With serene, humbling mountain views everywhere you look, it’s no surprise that many people in Montana choose to live in rustic log homes. These log homes inspire an appreciation for nature and a give a nod to the rich cultural history that Montana offers. As no two people are alike, however, all log cabins are not for everyone. In this post, we’ll lay out ten different types of log cabins, and aid you in finding some design inspiration through our products. Off we go!

The Bare Bones Cabin

The Bare Bones Cabin
Source: Taunya Fagan
Price: $99,000 

We chose this type of cabin because it is the classic example of a traditional log cabin. These cabins have generally untouched since they were built hundreds of years ago, which gives an ultra-rustic feel. The structural integrity of these homes are unbelievably sound and offer their owners an excellent opportunity to retreat to the woods and just get away from it all for a little while.
Design Inspiration:
A bison skull with a bark design would go beautifully in a home like this. The understated design on the bison skull would play off of the wood grain inside the home as well as the tree bark outside of the home beautifully. With some pops of bright colors and natural light, this type of cabin would be perfect for those who want to spend some time out in the woods, enjoying nature.

The Historic Revamp

Source: United Country Real Estate
Price: $95,000 

This type of cabin offers a historic background as well as an interesting design challenge. Many historic revamp homes follow design cues from a specific era or culture, which is a challenge that many cabin enthusiasts enjoy. Whether you choose to keep design elements that fit the inspiration for the home or make it chic and modern, the end result is always something that you can be proud of.
Design Inspiration:

A bison skull in classic white would be a perfect compliment for a home like this. The pristine white color on the skull will brighten up any room, and the color also allows it to remain neutral. It will fit with any color scheme, and will allow you to bring a little bit of western flair into your historic cabin.  

The Tiny Log Cabin

Source: Lancaster Log Cabins
Price: $36,900
Tiny houses have been a huge trend in the housing market for the last couple of years because of the small size and simplistic lifestyle that they offer. Tiny houses can be constructed in a wide variety of styles, but our favorite is the classic log cabin style. Tiny houses are generally anywhere from 300-500 square feet, which makes it necessary to cut out everything but the essentials. This way, when you put your tiny house down on a beautiful bit of land, you’ll be able to enjoy the things that truly matter.
Design Inspiration:

In a space so small, it is important to choose your decorations wisely. We think that our Wolf Painted Bison Skull would be a great statement for this small space. It adds a strong design element, which will simultaneously impress your guests and brighten up your space.

The Glamp Cabin

Source: The Little Cabin Company

Price: $19,000
Glamping is an alternative to traditional camping in which every aspect is designed for comfort. Glamping cabins are generally small (200-300 square feet), but the finishes are high end, and the cabins are designed to fit a queen size mattress. These cabins can range in price depending on size, but if you have a beautiful view available to you it would be easy to pop one of these down and create a go-to weekend destination.
Design Inspiration:

We love the look of these bison-fur pillows. Since Glamp Cabins don’t allow much room for decoration, it is important to integrate chic design pieces without overwhelming the space. With its neutral, soft exterior, we think that a bison fur accent pillow would be just the thing.

The Rustic-Chic Log Cabin

Source: United Country Real Estate
Price: $1,280,000
Western culture is known for its love of rustic-chic design. This design style incorporates elements of down-home, cabin culture with modern amenities. Whether it is a full-time residence or a vacation home, you are sure to enjoy all of the modern comforts that a Rustic-Chic Log Cabin offers.
Design Inspiration:
We think that a bison hide rug would be the perfect accent for a Rustic-Chic cabin. Whether it is placed in front of a grandiose fireplace or placed underneath a coffee table in the front sitting room, a bison fur rug will definitely allow you to incorporate a little bit of western flair in your overall design.


The Weekend Getaway Cabin

Source: United Country Real Estate

Price: $598,000

Do you ever feel like you need to take a step back and get away from it all? Weekend Getaway cabins are known for sitting in a secluded area, with all of the amenities necessary for an enjoyable, stress-free weekend. With extra linens ready to go and a cold, refreshing dip in the pool calling your name, how could you go wrong?
Design Inspiration:
Our all natural bison tallow soap would be an excellent inclusion in the powder room of your weekend getaway cabin. Treat yourself and your guests to a bit of luxury in a variety of calming scents -- rose, eucalyptus, cinnamon, coffee, peppermint, to name a few.


The Family Lake House

Source: United Country Real Estate

Price: $399,000

Summer trips to the family lakehouse have become a common memory for people across the nation. Families love to take trips up to the lakehouse to spend quality time with their loved ones and escape their lives for a few days. Cabin-style lake houses offer the functionality of a traditional lakehouse with the comfort-inducing design elements of a log cabin.
Design Inspiration:
A bison skull in our barbed design would be a great accent for a weekend getaway cabin. It adds a bit of gritty, western flair while still serving to brighten up the overall space.

The Ski-Lodge

Source: National Parks Realty
Price: $1,449,000
Imagine stepping out of your Ski-Lodge log cabin to hit the slopes at Whitefish Mountain, an iconic ski location in Western Montana. Since skiing is an integral part of any mountain-lover’s life, Ski-Lodge cabins are an easy choice for many cabin lovers. Price may vary based on the proximity to a given ski mountain, but with serene snowy landscapes to enjoy wherever you are, we think that any Ski Lodge cabin will be a good choice.

Design Inspiration:

Since these cabins are generally in cold, snowy locations, we think that our bison hide mittens would be a great, functional accent piece to hang next to your front door. That way, they’ll be easily accessible to warm your hands when you want to go outside for some skiing or snowshoeing. 

The Hybrid Log Home

Source: Wisconsin Log Homes

Price: $600,000

Hybrid log homes are new to the scene, but are just as cool as the rest of the cabin options listed here. People generally choose Hybrid log cabins to be their full-time residence since they incorporate log cabin aspects on the exterior of the home, while allowing the inside of the home to be more traditional. This way, you can make an outdoorsy, log cabin statement on the outside of your home while enjoying bright, traditional design elements on the inside of the home.

Design Inspiration:

Imagine the gorgeous contrast that will be created when our pewter bison skull is hung on a white wall inside a Hybrid cabin home. This will be an excellent conversation piece that will offset the traditional log cabin feel with a more modern aesthetic.

The Country Mansion


Source: United Country Real Estate

Price: $2,250,000

Imagine the look on anyone’s face as they drive up to a beautiful mansion crafted in the traditional log-cabin style. With enough bedrooms and bathrooms for any number of guests, you can share your cabin mansion with everyone that you care about.

Design Inspiration:

For a house built to impress, we think that a full bison shoulder mount would be a great statement piece. The mount would go perfectly in the entryway of your home, over the fireplace, or in the living room. It will play beautifully off of the rest of your decorations with its neutral shades brown, and it will be sure to stun anyone who lays eyes on it.