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20 Ways to Mix Modern and Rustic Decor (From Pinterest)

20 Ways to Mix Modern and Rustic Decor (From Pinterest)

Interior decorating usually takes a special mind. Blending usable space and aesthetics, while not ruining the feel of a room is a task that can easily make you feel some overload. Luckily, other people are really good at it, so we can just borrow their ideas and make them our own! We rounded up 20 amazing examples of mixing modern and rustic decor on Pinterest so you can find some inspiration too.


A bedroom in a cabin with a large, angled window letting in lots of light on a simple bed, desk, and area rug.

Can you imagine waking up like this every morning? Wood, simple spaces, and fur area rugs are a simple combination for any room.


A bedroom with mostly white walls and furniture, well lit and accented by reclaimed, dark wood being used as the borders to a mirror.

Make bright rooms pop with reclaimed wood. Blending wood colors with other accent pieces can help tie an area together.


A large, rustic livingroom with stone walls and some modern furniture filling space in front of the mantle.

Big, open areas like this one need plenty of light. Sticking with simple color schemes can make it easier to match furniture as well!


A dining table lined with chairs covered in cow hide, empty plates sit in front of candles, under a chandelier of antlers. On the wooden wall, a bovine portrait is hanging.

Fur chairs, the antler chandelier, the rustic wood table. This dining room has it all...


A lovely dining area with a stone mantle, antler chandelier, and a view of mountains in the background.

Or the view from this dining room… Big open windows in rustic spaces is such a nice look.


A fur throw pillow sits on a chair with a stack of books in the background.

A fur throw pillow is the perfect accent to simple furniture.


A sheepskin rug lays in front of a simple metal fireplace.

A classic: the fur area rug in front of a cozy fireplace.


Another example of area rugs and fire places, this one with a more rustic feel.


Blend modern furniture with rustic surroundings and accents. Or vice versa.


A bed covered in a fur comforter with fur lined walls.

This may be the world’s softest bed. Fur can really tie a room together.

A large, open bedroom with a large area rug and windows letting in a lot of natural light.

Big, open rooms should have big, open windows. The beautiful bookshelf is a plus.


A kitchen island made out of repurposed wood, painted white, with a basket of flowers sitting on it.

Reclaimed wood can serve so many purposes.


A large cabin kitchen with a bright wood island in the center and plenty of light. An a-frame dissects the room.

Match big, wooden rooms with lots of light, from both the Sun and bulbs!


A sink made of stone sits under a mirror wrapped in deer antlers

Isn’t this the most amazing mirror and sink combination?


Rusting cans cut in half are used as light bulb shades hanging from the ceiling.

Get a little creative with rusty buckets and other old metal containers.


A simple, rustic room is empty, with a large fireplace made of stone bricks taking up most of the space.

This brick mantle and fur pairing is almost perfection.

Antlers wrap around a small pole that holds up the end of a lamp.

Have any extra antlers sitting around? Use them as accents!


An old windmill fan hangs on a simple white wall.

Rusty windmill fans can pleasantly fill empty wall space.


When blending rustic and modern decor, simple is best. Look how this bathroom pulls it off.


An old, rusted wagon carries two growing pine trees.

If you can't tell, we are really into re-purposing old materials. It helps clean up your space and reduces how much you throw away!

Picking a style is hard, but it's often much harder to stick with it. Especially when mixing styles like modern and rustic decor. Using some of the ideas we mentioned here, your sure to put together a look that's appealing, functional, and welcoming. Using a fur area rug, or decorating a table with a bison horn mug can be simple ways to put rustic touches into any space. 

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