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The Stunning Cabin Collection

Bring together your cabin with authentic Bitterroot Bison products.

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We Know Bison

The Bitterroot Bison family is proud to humanely raise these remarkable animals.

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Hand Crafted Earrings

Hand crafted bison silhouette earrings made from genuine bison horns.

Why Bison?

We proudly carry the humane raised and handled certificate
Humanely Raised

Our bison spend their days roaming free under the Big Sky. 

Bison Experts

Available for consulting on herds, corrals, fence, pastures, nutrition and more.

Cooking and Recipes

Cooking with bison meat provides benefits to both you and the environment. 

Catering and Our Local Ranch

We ship our locally raised bison meat across the country. Watch our video and learn more. 


These pieces are great to show all my friends. Troy and Candy are a pleasure to deal with. They are passionate in getting anything Bison to their customers, highly recommend.

 The food was perfectly seasoned and delicious, including our side dishes. All of our guests were raving about such a unique Montana culinary experience! We're so blessed to have Bitterroot Bison as a catering option, for they are so devoted to raising healthy animals and delivering the best service possible for a special occasion.

We purchased a bison skull this past holiday season from Bitterroot Bison as a gift for family. They were thrilled!! The skull is gorgeous and will look even better once it is hung.